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Available September 2024


$47 USD

The RhythmMeditations System is our flagship meditation program that combines notes, words, numbers, and spaces together in one tapestry of soothing sound color.   Initially designed for people struggling with racing thoughts, overwhelm and overthinking - this program is a great alternative practice for seasoned meditators and equally perfect for those who struggle to slow down the mind and meditate.


Why RhythmMeditations: Most guided meditation systems fall short during the initial phase, where slowing down overly active thought patterns is essential to opening up a calm sense of stillness.  This is where our innovative system actually excels, by utilizing your minds natural pattern seeking process to synchronize the logical left brain while simultaneously stimulating the creative unconscious to explore deeper levels of relaxation and meditation.

Rhythmic and musical entrainment sidetracks overthinking and resistance, opening the door for your deeper creative intention to take center stage.

As the logical conscious mind begins to take a step back, the soothing rhythms provide a soundscape to slow your thoughts to a trickle and open your mind to explore a deeper world of internal flow.      

Each component of the system is systematically layered on top of the preceding layer to help you learn the art of slowing down the rhythm of your thoughts.  A deeper musical state of synchronization, alignment and relaxation await you!  RhythmMeditations is also perfect for those looking to enhance individual and group meditation classes.   

System Includes 

Audio & Video

Training Workshops

Numeric Meditation Patterns © bring us back full circle to a new understanding of what was once learned long ago.  Numbers and letters, music and words all serve as placeholders; woven into the very fabric of our lives - component parts of our knowledge that can be called upon as resources in the present moment.  Utilization allow us the potential to access them in a completely new context.  

The RhythmMeditations System utilizes specific pentatonic note structures to help us begin to consciously shift awareness from thought form to musical phrase awareness.  Here we draw conscious focus to the numeric note patterns, while simultaneously deepening the unconscious process of rhythmic synchrony and entrainment. 

Syntax Tonal Structures © bring a new awareness to the actual groupings of words, sentences, and help us see how a new understanding of these rhythmic vocal structures can likewise enhance relaxation.  The use of syntax, gate, tone and tempo provides an artful conceptualization of how words and tones can be combined with rhythmic syllables to subtly create additional layers of space and enhance learning to flow naturally during the meditation process.  

Proprioception Staircase & Whiteboard © incorporates a guided staircase and whiteboard visualization to deepen associated levels of relaxation and aid the calming process during the initial stages of the meditation.  These symbolic metaphors also enhance the parasympathetic relaxation response, while giving the logical mind another way to integrate and process a sense of peace and calm in the meditation process.   

Creative Metaphors are employed to set the stage for enhanced learnings to slowly bubble up to the surface of awareness.  A creative dialog is used to help you understand how slowing down your thinking and broadening your perception of both time and space can actually decrease negative thought patterns, while opening up creative channels to generate new healthy solutions.  In this realm symptom exploration provides pathways to creating new resources in the context they are needed.


Frequencies of Nature explores the soothing sounds of water and rain to create a baseline foundation of stillness.  Here indirection is employed to encourage a quiet comfortable position.  Closing the eyes and taking deep breaths calms the polyvagal nerve and heighten the parasympathetic relaxation response.   

Ethereal Soundscapes add a second layer to Frequencies of Nature providing an additional backdrop of long tone sound color to form a foundation base for grounded and centered relaxation to occur.  As we lay back, close our eyes and take our deepest breaths of the day, we begin to find a new tempo of calm.  Space opens up to all that we once knew and now can re-member and access again.  

Deep Layer Stacking combines all aspects of the RhythmMeditations System together, creating a rich dynamic tapestry of natural sound, ethereal tone, stillness of space, tempo alterations, soothing rhythms and contextual metaphors to slow down and relax the conscious mind.  Alignment and synchronization to the strategic rhythm enhances the parasympathetic relaxation response while guided visualizations explore healing metaphors and utilization of contextual resources.


   Available September 2024

$47 USD

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