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RhythmMeditations Creator / Designer
Jim Anderson, MS
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Jim's Lifetime of Rhythm  


Age 0 to 9: Beat on model boxes with pencils listening to the Beatles hanging out with his brother Lynn, who graded his drum fills on a scale of 1-to-10

Age 10 to 12: Begged for a drum set on a daily basis; eventually broke his parents down and purchased his first used aquamarine finish Mercury drum set with bash-o-matic cymbals from garage sale.  

Age 13 to 17: Middle School & High School Band (Code for being allowed to play drums 2 to 3 hours per day at school).  Practiced another 4 to 5 hours per day once home.  Drove family clinically insane listening to Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve Gadd, Tony Williams and Dave Weckl.  Family eventually built an add-on soundproof room off the very back of the house for drumming / Thanks Guys!


Age 17 to 23: Professional Drum Instructor / Taught hundreds of kids the creative discipline of following their passion and learning to play drums at various music stores in Orange County / Earned AA in Music Education Fullerton College, CA. 

Age 23 to 28: Professional Musician / Toured Worldwide playing drums with a number of top level professionals.  Lived in Japan and the Netherlands for 2 years while touring, recording and composing music.  

Age 28 to 35: A Shift to Psychology /  Earned BS in Human Services and Masters Degree in Counseling, California State University at Fullerton - while continuing to teach and play professionally in SoCal.   

Age 35 to 40: Product Inventor / Ten Year NAMM Show Success  / Designed and patented products for Zildjian, Sabian, Remo, Toca, LP.  Invented Factory Metal Percussion that was marketed and sold worldwide; worked with a “who’s who list” of top tier Team FMP Product Endorsers.

Age 40 to Current: Licensed LMFT Private Practice Therapist in Temecula CA, providing Online Tele-Therapy; helping thousands of kids, teens, and families find their own internal rhythms and best answers from within

Age 50 and Beyond: Creator / Program Designer at 

President of RhythmShifting, LLC: Dedicated to creating and designing creative sound healing percussion products, meditation theories / methods of use, innovations, training workshops and retreats for meditation industry, educators, therapists and personal transformation / life coaches internationally.  

References Available on Request 

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